Commodities & Services

commoditiesOur primary commodities  (Acting as Official Mandate / Sole agents to manufacturers)



  • Cooling and Heating  pump systems  (For Industrial and home use)
  • Construction materials  ( Engineering grade plywood, rockwool, glasswool roofing materials, de-bars, Iron rod, etc.),
  • Aluminium scraps and Ingots
  • Home Textiles – Turkey and Malaysia
  • Building projects (Cladding – aluminium, composites and glass)

Our  secondary commodities

However, over the years we have developed a discrete network of trusted and reliable contacts, some of whom have other specialties of their own, these “Secondary” Products/Commodities that we  can handle include:

  • Certain Medical Supplies (diapers adult & baby,  disposable masks, gloves, napkins, wipes etc.)
  • Pasta (various types in packets of 400 grams and 500 grams.)
  • VegetableOils (refined and crude, edible& industrial)
  • Fertilizers (contract quantities only)
  • Sugar (direct from supplier/mandate, contract quantities only)
  • Heavy Plant & Machinery (Second Hand) – Holland
  • Detergents, soaps, wet wipes, odour spray etc.) – home use